Shawn Nelson

There are times when things change and everything feels like a disaster.  Sometimes Plan B is a necessity, not so much of an option.  It’s amazing now often the plan that actually comes to pass, ends up being better than we could ever imagine.  In fact, sometimes, Plan B is better than Plan A.

When Joab went to fight an enemy of David’s he found him in the city of Abel.  He was about to go to war on Abel when a “wise woman” spoke up to Joab and asked him not to damage their city.  (2 Samuel 20:16)  Joab gave the woman his Plan B and she delivered for him.  There was no war, the city did not go under siege, and there was much less bloodshed.  (Only one person is mentioned as losing their life, and that person was David’s enemy)

Most of us are control freaks, and therefore, we struggle to go to Plan B.  Often we are challenged to put our faith in God, to trust Him no matter which plan we go with.  We are called to have faith, and to be secure in God’s love, whether we are following Plan A, Plan B, or even up to Plan Z.

Plan your work, and work your Plan.  (but leave room for a change)

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