Good Afternoon


Bob Cohen

I just wanted to send a shout out to you all today and share some old-fashioned feelings. My Father drove for R.E. Garrison for many years up until brain cancer took him away from us in 2008. He loved this company and the freedom it gave him to keep being a “trucker”. Dad was all about the small things in life, a big believer in family and he had the heart of a big ole teddy bear. He had the look too! He drove for several companies along his career, or road if you will, and Garrison felt like home. In fact, it felt like home so much to him, that it became one in the same to me. When I saw, or see, a big red truck sporting the Garrison lettering or logo, my heart races a little, because I know Dad is there. Whether it be coming home for a day to visit while on a run, or taking a detour between loads, seeing a Garrison truck nearby made me look really close for Dad. You guys may think it funny, but I still look for his grin inside a truck, or that hat, or his suspenders walking alongside a trailer at a truck stop. I am pretty sure I forever will. You guys and gals that drive for a living for R.E. Garrison, please remember that there are a lot of us family members out here, praying for your every load, wishing you home in all the right ways. We always look to see if we can spot you in a rig of a particular color, and those very colors mean so much to us. We know under those cabs, there lies our hearts, our family, our people, and in many cases, our very lives. We cheer you all on, we send you out with love and prayers, and we will always wave and even shed a tear as you drive by us. Don’t think we are stalkers, just family members remembering, missing and rooting for those still here. A little while back, we were able to get a few hats from the company as a gift from the President and even a few t-shirts. My brothers and I wear them proudly from time to time. And as much as I want to keep something like that in pristine condition, I know its rightful place is worn until it fades. We so much want to thank those involved for the gift and the memory, and may God bless and keep you every one on your road.

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