There's Nothing Like It


Shawn Nelson

There's nothing like the feeling of starting a new day. We all have different routines to get going, but the excitement is there, regardless of your situation, job, marital status, or your social-economic background.

Mine has variations, as do most, but it typically goes like this:
As I am ready to start the work day, I say a short little prayer, and pray for my family, my job, safety for the day, my truck (as crazy as that sounds) and all the other drivers out on the road away from their families.

I then do a series of checks on the interior of my truck, followed by a quick check of the outside, including but not limited to truck damage, safety items, and preventive maintenance issues I may see while walking around the truck and trailer.

As I return to the truck, I start the truck, and listen to that individual sound that every truck has. It lets you know everything is okay. I, once again, do a visual check of the interior gauges, and pull out the required regulatory paperwork, I'm required to keep, and thoroughly fill in all the required areas.

Now, in any job or hobby you get involved in there is that one thing that grabs your attention, and or holds your attention enough, to keep you coming back for more. Here's the part that, not only gets my attention, but also holds my attention, everyday:

When I do one last check of the gauges, and I check the mirrors, to observe my surroundings, I grasp the wheel, press down of the clutch, and slowly put the truck in gear. Here's that moment. I release the brakes, check the mirrors one last time, and start to let up on the clutch pedal. As the engine tone changes, you listen to the sounds of your work place come to life with the sounds of a brand new day. Ass the hundreds of thousands of moving parts, all start to move in unison creating a rocking motion only felt in a truck, you have just began a new day. A day that will be un-like any before or un-like any you will ever face again.

When you pull out of the truck stop and down the service road towards the on-ramp, you are setting the wheels in motion to move through this day with all the excitement of a teenager setting out on his or her first date.

Then, the moment of truth, as you turn on the on-ramp and roll into the throttle. You wake the engine up, and it comes to life with over 500 horsepower rumbling right below your feet.

With this new beginning you have so many options.

You soon learn how big the worlds is. How little and possible insignificant your part may be, but without that little piece of the puzzle, the puzzle could never be whole.

You may not control the piece of freight, the price of fuel. or equipment.

You may not be able to control traffic, and how the motoring public operate their own vehicle, but you can always serve as a good example to those you come in contact with.

There are so many things in which we have no control, but what you can control is how you react to those situations you're confronted with on a daily basis.

As I started this dissertation, there is nothing like starting a new day. It is my hope and prayer to you all: that you not let others rob you of your joy. We can't control the bad things that happen or come our way, but we can certainly control how we react to them.

I hope each of you find joy in the simplest things you do. I hope this new, year is filled with 365 days of, if not true happiness, true contentment of your life and your surroundings. It's not about what you have or where you are in life, but how you accept it or have the courage to change it.

Now start that truck, or that proverbial truck and let's get started on a brand new day, because there's nothing like it.

Smile today. You may never know who needs one.

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