Garrison Trucking

The best trucking decision you'll ever make.

RE Garrison Trucking Inc. can satisfy all of your transportation needs. We are an asset based carrier, who can provide logistics services, and freight management services, to take care of you, our valued customer. We have a highly qualified, well educated, group of associates that have been trained by our in-house staff to support you.

Here at RE Garrison, our goal is to be the very best transportation company in the industry. We’ve set our bar high, because our customers deserve it, and so do our drivers. It is our aim to meet or surpass any and all expectations you may have of us.


The most import step in our success is to communicate with each other. It is the key component to everything we are doing here to meet the needs of our customers.


We are not the least expensive company around. We are a company that sells service. We expect our drivers and independent contractors to perform their duties at a level that exceeds the industry standards. We must provide “On-Time” service to every customer, every time.


We must hold each other accountable for everything that we do, in order for us to provide the best service for our customers.

This is a very exciting time in our industry, and you are partnering with an organization who prides itself in being proactive, and not reactive to the changing environment that is trucking. The ownership group at RE Garrison has invested a lot of time, energy and resources to give us the equipment, facilities and most of all, THE PEOPLE needed to be successful. Failure is not an option.

RE Garrison is proud to be a part of the industry that moves America forward.