TJ Stidham

TJ Stidham is proud to be a part of the industry that moves America forward.

TJ Stidham Trucking, a division of R.E. Garrison Trucking, Inc. is an asset based operation offering superior transportation service to our customers in Florida and all over the United States. We have the safest, most professional drivers on the road and utilize late model, well-maintained, efficient equipment. Our drivers and independent contractors exceed our expectations in maintaining and preserving our reputation for safe driving, prompt and courteous delivery and compliance with all state and federal regulations.

We do a lot of things right, and maybe that’s the reason our company has recently experienced such tremendous growth. By providing SERVICE and RELIABILITY to our customers, they have grown to rely on TJ Stidham/RE Garrison for their transportation needs. After years of searching, many of our drivers and independent contractors have found their home at TJ Stidham/R.E. Garrison Trucking.

While the leadership of our company has provided those things necessary to meet the needs of our drivers, and independent contractors, to make them successful, we will in turn, continue to maintain the highest level of expectations from our drivers and our independent contractors. We will never be better than the level of professionalism shown by the man or woman representing us, at our customers’ docks and on our nation’s highways.

TJ Stidham, a division of RE Garrison Trucking Inc., “The Best Trucking Decision You’ll Ever Make”.